Sneaking Alcohol

You see I was that guy, I was the one who wanted to bring alcohol on board. I know you probably don’t mind paying for it, but for me I do mind. I no longer wanted to have to pay three times the amount of what alcohol would normally cost if we weren’t on a […]

How to enjoy your sneaked alcohol

Enjoying your sneaked alcohol Sneaking liquor into a place that it is prohibited or restricted is something many people commonly do. Various establishments have their own rules and regulations concerning alcohol consumption. A place with such restrictions is a cruise ship. Cruise liners are very strict on passengers bringing their own liquor and it usually […]

My Method to Smuggling Alcohol Effortlessly!

Sleek ways on how to sneak booze on a cruise Many people get thrilled from boozecaps into prohibited places.¬†However, it is not always a pleasant experience when one is caught with illegal alcohol. Many places have stringent rules where it is prohibited to consume alcohol, or they do not allow people to bring their own […]