My Method to Smuggling Alcohol Effortlessly!

Sleek ways on how to sneak booze on a cruise

Many people get thrilled from boozecaps into prohibited places. However, it is not always a pleasant experience when one is caught with illegal alcohol. Many places have stringent rules where it is prohibited to consume alcohol, or they do not allow people to bring their own drinks. Cruise ships are no exception with these tough rules. It is only natural for people to have a desire to sneak some liquor. This is why many travelers are still looking for ways on how to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship. Bringing your own alcohol will spell disaster for the cruise liner because it depends on alcohol sales to make part of its revenue.

How to execute the sneaking

Using the luggage method to sneak your alcohol is effective. However, the success of the mission depends on the method chosen. You can use the binocular flasks to sneak your booze. This is a double-sided pair of binoculars that features two flasks designed to resemble binoculars. It is a fantastic way on how to conceal your liquor and alcohol. It is an item you would genuinely carry an item to a cruise. It immediately eliminates all kinds of suspicion. All you do is open the safety lids at the bottom of the binoculars flask and pour in your favorite drink. This trick is best for darker drinks and crème based liquors. Depending on the size of the binocular flask, you can sneak up to a liter of alcohol in both flasks. Many people seeking to know how to hide drinks readily prefer this safe technique. It is brilliant especially because the weight of the alcohol does not make much of a difference on how the flask feels. You can easily pack it in your suitcase and the risk of leaks is eliminated because of two sets of safety lids. These help to prevent spillages and such unfortunate happenings.

alcohol cruiseWhen looking at a body method, it is good to consider the wine rack. This pocket seamlessly fits under a woman’s bra. You can fill up your favorite and breeze through security without raising a whisker of suspicion. This is classic body booze sneaking method and users say it is very effective because the security officials do not even notice anything different. This is your ticket to great enjoyment as you sip on your favorite drink.

Points to consider

It is important to remember that once you have sneaked in your booze, you have to lay low. A Since you have a convenient way of carrying your booze, avoid excessive drinking. This will not sit well with the ship’s crew in case you are found. In addition, you should also consider the type of booze you are sneaking. Do not try to sneak your 30-year-old scotch to a cruise anything could happen.  You have to be careful , It is always safer to for cheaper liquors and ones that you would not lose sleep over, if they were confiscated. In all your booze sneaking endeavors, remember it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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