How to enjoy your sneaked alcohol

Enjoying your sneaked alcohol

Sneaking liquor into a place that it is prohibited or restricted is something many people commonly do. Various establishments have their own rules and regulations concerning alcohol consumption. A place with such restrictions is a cruise ship. Cruise liners are very strict on passengers bringing their own liquor and it usually turns out grim for the culprits. However, there are people who try by all means to sneak alcohol into cruise ships. The many people still wonder how to sneak alcohol on a cruise camocaps style. There are many ways to do this. However, the success of your mission will only depend on how effectively your method works.

How to sneak the alcohol

You can also sneak alcohol through your body. A very popular method is use of the wine rack. A wine rack is a bag that fits right under a woman’s breasts. All you do is fill up your favorite drink into the wine rack and position it under the breasts. Once again, this method blends in with the surrounding, which is the body. This is perfect way to sneak alcohol into a concert It raises no suspicion because it looks very natural and once fastened in the right place and position, you need not panic about getting caught. The wine rack carries a good quantity of booze. This is a good enough supply for a week. This simple method will certainly enable you to sneak your alcohol easy.

Take precaution

When sneaking alcohol, it is important to take care of yourself in order to avoid compromising situations. Ensure that you fully understand and can execute your chosen technique. Understanding your method flawlessly already finishes half the job. In addition, avoid at all costs acting in a suspicious manner. This is what gives away many passengers and they end up falling into the security and crew staff. The moment you show suspicious behavior, a thorough search is done and this inevitably exposes you. As you find out how to hide alcohol, ensure you understand the risks and prepare for anything. Lastly, ensure that your conduct remains normal. It is a shame to go through all the trouble only to get caught in the ship because of misconduct.


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