Sneaking Alcohol

You see I was that guy, I was the one who wanted to bring alcohol on board. I know you probably don’t mind paying for it, but for me I do mind. I no longer wanted to have to pay three times the amount of what alcohol would normally cost if we weren’t on a ship.

It is no secret at all that cruise lines make tons of money off of overpriced alcohol. So here is what I did. I decided to sneak alcohol on the cruise ship. No longer was I going to pay exorbitant  prices to have fun, I was going to bring fun with me and act just a fraction of the cost.

I used in my case just some flasks found in the video I have below. I have tried sneaking alcohol into concerts but the most fun was on the cruise. If I were you I would ready the Caribbean cruise policies about alcohol and then just go for it.

There aren’t any repercussions so don’t be scared the only thing that they can do is just take it away from you. That is nothing lost and nothing gained. Save your money and hide your booze on a cruise today!

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